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Estefani A. A

Currently a homesick, Brooklyn resident paying a lot for rent.
A Salvadoreña raised in South Central, Los Angeles with an alien number on her forehead.

Finding herself in hot train platforms, living the NYC life that movies don’t warn you about. Thought I was going to be Carrie Bradshaw but it’s the opposite.

First generation student, graduated from Mount Saint Mary’s University with a dual degree in Film, Media and Social Justice and Journalism & New Media. Currently a graduate student at NYU Steinhardt’s Media, Culture & Communication program.

I say “Yes” to mostly everything and I enjoy it:

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Dear Southside, a newspaper recreating and telling the untold stories of South Los Angeles.

I sometimes write on the side, you can read it here but I also keep several journals around with messy writing that not even I can read.

I like to tell stories, it’s in my bloodline. Allow me to tell you one ~