I met a man, his name is Freedom.

In the summer, when the sun was still shinning by 5:00 pm and the sweat crept my back I began taking afternoon strolls around my neighborhood on my bicycle. I was trying to escape the heat the frijoles on the stove created. While on my bike ride, I came across some random things and took pictures like I usually do. "Take a picture, it will last longer." I posted the pictures on my Instagram story and called them "Hood Stories." I was in my hood, taking pictures, posting them on my story. When summer ended, the bike rides ended and so did Hood Stories. 

Today, after a few months I went bike riding again and I met a man named Freedom.

He said, "my name is Freedom,"
and just like that the bike rides are back. 

Hi, Hood Stories
You've been missed...

Oh, and you'll learn more about Freedom soon. 


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